you don’t appreciate your laptop enough until the moment you’re forced to use another one while yours is being repaired…LIKE EVERYTHING FEELS SO WRONG

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I think so many people forget where the line between rights and being a dick is. Let me demonstrate:

You are a Muslim woman who has just become an American citizen. 

You choose everyday to wear a burka, and you wear it everywhere you go. This is your right, because you have freedom to peacefully practice your religion. 

You only want to shop at stores that carry the food you are allowed to eat. Your neighborhood store does not, so you shop elsewhere. This is your right to practie free market. 

You can’t find a store nearby that carries the food you can eat, so you complain to your friends and family. This is your right to free speach. 

You decided to write a letter to your neighborhood store to see if they would start carrying foods you are able to eat. With it you send in a petition with signatures of other muslim women in the area. This is your right to petition. 

They ignore your letter, so you demand that they carry what you want, threaten to sue them, and then threaten to burn down their store. This is being a dick. This is not protected by rights. And you should be told you are wrong for this. You should have done research before picking a place to live. 

Holy shit please just delete your blog you hateful piece of shit. People can do what they want. They don't have to listen to you whine about if they look slutty. You are garbage.



Turn on BBC news to hear

"First black footballer gets a statue now BBC Is questioning whether there are enough ethnic minorities in footballing boardrooms"

Have you seen the fucking player lineups in the premiership?? Now they have to be in charge of the teams as well. I can’t beleive anyone can’t see how fucked up this forced diversity bullshit is its sickening.

diversity for the sake of diversity is how you create a failed economy. Yes, good idea, let’s give jobs to people because of what they are, not because of their qualifications




If you seriously think Anita Sarkeesian can be stopped from further ruining video games, or even successfully called out on her bullshit at this point, you’re sadly wrong. She’s on international media now, universally seen as a victim of trolls and the social justice vs gaming…

You forgot the part where Anita Sarkeesian received death threats, but that’s not important right?

(Also LEL le maymays are good to use for arguments)  

It doesn’t make the bullshit she spews any more valid, ad it’s not like half of the people on this website have never gotten death threats before when they pissed off enough people.